The Diary of Alexandra Mokosh

He crossed the borders of my heart
Audaciously and without permission
But he did not break through my defenses
I willingly let him in

I swore I would never trust anyone
But here I am breaking my promise
Yet in order to embrace love
Rather than to betray it

He is the reflection of me
I am the personification of his Russian dream
We find ourselves in each other
Like childhood friends we thought we would never see again

I vowed to be silent
But here I am talking to my diary
Like an argument with God
I am my own worst enemy

He cries easily
I wear too many layers of clothes
We exchange our favorite music
And dance in the space between the notes

I wish to remain hidden
But I take photos of myself
I think I was looking for someone
Or waiting for anyone to notice

He speaks to me when I’m not listening
There is a beauty in me only he can see
It was only after he awakened me
I realized I had fallen asleep

I prefer the train over flying
Film over digital
It’s the mystery of not knowing
That makes the process magical

Time is the measurement of love
It is much easier to fall than to climb
Infidelity is to marriage what duty is to romance
There is a wrong time to break rhyme

In truth, there is no plot to life
The most you can hope for is meaningful conversation
If you can find one person who adores your flaws
You have found the world and reached your destination

2019 April 19
11:59 AM