The Best Way to Ruin Your Life

I was thinking this morning
How you should give up science
Quit school, quit your job
To be an artist
I mean
Of all the possibilities
It’s one way to ruin your life
And probably the best way

There is more truth
In myths than facts
And that is a fact
Not worth disproving
You can either climb a rock
Or read Neruda describing it
You will get more
From the latter
That’s for sure

So what?
You have seen a thing
With your four eyes
Touched it with your twenty-year-old hands
But you do not possess
The imagination or the words
To convey the experience
Even to yourself

Why study glaciers
When there is nothing colder
Than being betrayed
By your lover
No mountain higher
No ocean deeper
No sunrise or sunset as captivating
Than pure love

Don’t get me wrong
There are exceptions
Like suicide
Or fucking
You will never know
What death
Or sex is like
Until you’ve done it

No doubt
Science makes life comfortable
Thank God for air conditioning
Tylenol and the internet
But we live for poetry
Wine, coffee
Rock n Roll, falling in love
Pizza and multiple orgasms

Math is defied
When two drops of water
Are added to three drops of water
To form one
And nobody wants a scientific answer
For why drunkenness is fun
God is a trinity
Or the word “pussy” is a turn-on

The only thing worse than science
Is politics
Or religion
Everything other than art
Science is a scam
The new pyramid scheme
A sand castle built on sand
A surfboard length from the ocean

Are the popes
Of the post-modern age
And paid for by corporations
And like many Roman popes
Usually wrong
Often corrupt
With no one to dispose them

Are the holy fools
Of the technocratic world
Ridiculed and rejected
And like martyrs
Or war heroes
Only appreciated
After they are dead

Is the only pure
And politic
Because it’s not a science
It’s more than a craft
Different than grace
And talent has little to do with it

Is concerned with facts
And often misses the truth
Like the forest for the trees
The map for the destination
Art, on the other hand
Never lets craft get in the way
Of a good publicity stunt

In the end
Art will triumph over science
Like mercy over judgement
Karma over cheap grace
Heaven and hell
Are the same place
Bliss for the mystic
Torment for the statistician

In the beginning
God created
That should tell us something
Maybe everything
We are all artists
But only few people make art
It’s one way to ruin your life
And probably the best way

21 June 2019
11:00 PM