The Ballad of Jack and Rose Part 2 — Jack

When I die you will die with me
But you will be reborn
As I wander through the toll-houses
Enduring accusations and scorn

Our one kiss is forever on my lips
The exchange of body and spirit
I regret the sin of the occasion
But not the love that willed it

The question you refuse to ask
Is answered already
You silly girl, of course I fell in love with you
As you did with me

We crossed each other’s borders
To a point of no return
But stopped at the edge of Elya’s cliff
The end of your world

The pure love is not immaculate
It’s more like a beautiful mess
Confidence and skepticism are Irish twins
Born in strength, conceived in weakness

You saved me from the abyss
There’s no way to repay you
The one thing we both want
I cannot give, though I want to

Do you not think I dream of you
The naked skin that covers your naked soul
Your wet hair, mismatched clothes, and running shoes
How our bodies would fit like pieces of a puzzle

You detect every unimportant detail
But, like Martha, forsake the one thing necessary
To rest at my feet and let me love you
Without expectations and unconditionally

We lie to ourselves, you say
Maybe it’s true and I won’t believe it
But we can control our own destiny
If we stop playing the prophet

Is this a new chapter
Or a bad experiment
We can always return to how things were
Though our parting is imminent

We cannot fully live
Without daily contemplating death
You’re present to the now
As I am to the past

There’s not enough time left
To pay for my mistakes
I borrowed years from your youth
And bet the whole farm on God’s grace

I’m not quitting, selling out
Or buying into what the world is offering
But there’s only room for one of this cross
And your happiness is the purpose of my suffering

Our love is the real deal
I’m the blues, you’re like jazz
We can’t manufacture or fake that shit
Like faith, you either have it or you don’t

16 May 2019
12:00 AM