Naked Soul, Naked Body Part 1 — Girl

I want to be naked in front of you
In the flesh and bones
Standing, not moving
Fully exposed, fully known

Almost smiling from nervous energy
Feeling you but only your glances
From the floor to my body
Yet drawing no line for you to cross

But first I must fall in love with you
So that my beauty
Is the reflection of your intentions
To love me passionately and with purity

Holy modesty
Is not offended by our relationship
Sex has nothing
And everything to do with this

To love the whole person
Is to love their body
Because it is the body
Of the person you love

Is a word only hypocrites use
We are not so puritan
You are the poet, I am the muse

The first time you called me “my joy”
I smiled from ear to ear
Your head was turned out of shyness
So you did not see the strap of my dress

Slip off my shoulder
Along with my inhibitions
To deny you the secrets of my heart
And body, the hidden parts

I am not as thin and shapeless
As I once was
But that ridiculous bird tattoo
Remains imprinted from my waist to breast

I trust you
While I distrust myself
But how unfair it is
To think you are any different

The borders preserve the space
Where I can love you and love myself
Oh how I wish you would cross them
But I pray you won’t

Love is careful
Otherwise, it would be careless
Which is not love
But lust

29 May 2019
12:01 PM