Swimming underwater
To the muffled sounds
Of Cuban club music
I am awake in a dream state
Like a fish on a bicycle
Defying the laws of logic and physics

The constant drone
Of the pool filter
Falls into key
Like a DJ
Mixing two records
In synchronicity

The smell of weed
Coconut Mojitos and sunscreen
Remind me of summer sex
The heat of the Florida sun
Fuels the fires of lust
Sweat is nature’s lubricant

Bikinis and speedos
Leave less
To the imagination
Than going naked
Or topless
For there is more to the body than skin

Walking on the sand
Is like foreplay
Shifting from dry to wet
Lunging into the ocean
Rolling in the waves
Like two lovers on a honeymoon night

Strangely, the beaches are more tame
Than the sidewalks
Crowded and confusing
Like an orgy
Of 24-hour “Happy Hour” restaurants
With 30% discounts and 20% gratuities

Thongs with sheer coverups
Retro Heat jerseys
And oversized basketball shorts
Gold chains and diamond grillz
See-through tube tops
And a few jet black, greased-back pompadours

Is a state of mind
A level of arousal
Has less to do with sex
Than Yeezys and high heels

Outnumber locals
And no one here is born-and-raised
Is not what anyone is looking for
Only irresponsibility and escape

Life is the party
The city a club
And it’s lit from morning to night
There is no border
Between intoxication and hangover
Wrong or right

Only a police chase
Can stop the continual motion
Of smoking and drinking
Dancing and fucking
There’s enough crazy
To keep everyone sane

The hotel balcony
Enabled me to overlook
The panorama
Of tinted suburbans and sports cars
Longboards and bicycles
Lifeguard stations and umbrellas

I chose the gay and party district
To weed out the puritans
But found only boring lazy hedonists
I should have taken the bus
Up to the clothing-optional
Free-spirited places of residence

In short
Ocean Drive, South Beach
Was all a bust
Just fear and loathing
In Tahoe or Reno
When I thought it would be Vegas

19 June 2019
2:35 PM