Eternity Awaits

I am just as afraid as you are
We both lock the kitchen door to the garage before bed
There is a fine line between fearlessness and courage
Yet the difference is unmistakable
I regret the outcome and you the torment of never trying
There is virtue in both

It is not that we deserve to be happy
As much as we wish to be understood
Unconditional love is what selfish people ask for
Forgiveness is only for those who admit they were wrong
Marriage is a great and costly sacrament
Happiness like salvation is not free

I am just as bold as you are
We both dream of summer and nakedness
You leave your phone by the bedside
I anticipate the memories before they are made
Traditionalists like animals mate
But only romantics can make love

Some prefer the mountains and others the beach
California has both the sand and the snow
The grass is greener in Tennessee than Missouri
The sky is bluer in my head
Maybe this is why I never go outside
The Kingdom of God is within

I am just as strong as you are
We both fight like we have everything to lose
There are no winners in war or divorce
At least that’s what diplomats and therapists say
“I did not come to bring peace but a sword”
These are the words that convict me

There is a time to work and a time to pray
Writing seems to fulfill both of these for me
Editors are a necessary but publishers are not
I am insecure in my ability to convey my thoughts
I guess I should have tried harder in school
But most of the great artists were dropouts

I am just as weak as you are
We both rely upon caffeine and alcohol
You add cream and ice
I accept the bitter sweetness in the cup
To be honest I am fine with either coffee or wine
Like Jesus in the Garden

There is no right way to take a drink
But there are wrong ways to drink it
Mindfulness is overrated and reflection undervalued
Yet Buddhism is the shadow of Orthodoxy
One man’s joy is another man’s sorrow
And eternity awaits us all like tomorrow’s hangover

25 March 2019
11:56 AM